Flooring system

Armorcoat provides services based on Epoxy Polyurethane which is ultimately used in industrial establishments. They are generally employed as hygienic and anti-skid, which ensures strict compliance to application procedures. Such a flooring system requires, minimal maintenance and therefore guarantee long-lasting performance and anti-erosion.
We use quality materials and standard system parameters without creating a possibility for any lapse at any stage. Its seamless surface impervious and appealing aesthetics with illuminated ambience brings them to the top priority together with a variety of shades and thickness.

PU Concrete flooring

The polyurethane concrete system is one of the most demanding flooring systems for shops and heavy movement areas. This is a conventional floor coating system finished in matt with outstanding adhesion and chemical resistance.


Excellent flexible strength
Easy maintenance

Anticorrosive coating

The anticorrosive coating is applicable for structures, tanks, maintenance and includes all sorts of protective coatings. An epoxy or polyurethane coating system is a protective system against corrosion, erosion and all kinds of abuse.


Excellent adhesion
Good Abrasion resistance
Anti-rust protection

Water tank Coating

Waterproofing services include commercial and industrial, swimming pools, potable water tanks, concrete water tanks etc. Our service results in 100% leak surfaces and prevents the formation of algae, moss and fungal growth. The waterproofing services are done by use of a combination of chemical methods and come in desired shades.
The strict compliance and laid standards ensure,
Guarantee performance

Epoxy/ PU Coving system

Mortar installed to the floor to create a radius incorporated to the floor system that has applied. This system prevents bacterias harbouring in the floor junction. Coving is used in areas like food production, pharmaceutical factories, commercial kitchens, wet areas etc. We are specialized in offering wall to floor covering with epoxy resin, hardener, sand and layering powder.
This service is rendered with the latest technologies to our prestigious clients at a budget-friendly market price.

Quartz filled Epoxy

This is a combination of high-performance epoxy polymer resin and stained or coloured quartz grains. It is mostly applied to decorative spaces that require slip-resistance properties. It is used at locker rooms, restrooms, schools, cafeterias, lobbies, offices, showrooms and any such places to produce a multi-functional and appealing floor.


Understated look
Vibrant floor coating
Brighten up

Car Park Flooring

The parking lot has to be clean and tidy with guide bays and driveways. Our flooring systems cue to be tough, smooth, long-lasting impermeable coatings and increase the floor’s resistance to vehicles and pedestrians. Our combination of epoxy and polyurethane coating covers hairline cracks and minor undulations on concrete slabs.


Resistant to moisture and water
Wide range of colours available
Partial or full broadcasting options

Epoxy Designer Flooring

The room looks cool and classic with unique flooring. Designer epoxy flooring is the ultimate solution for the current society and contains designs, textures, metallic finishes etc.
Armorcoat is a professional and experienced service provider of designer flooring applications. We have been capable so far to meet all the client requirements related to designer flooring and come out with stylish and affordable solutions.


Easy to clean
Comes with waterproof
Lead-free coatings

Anti-bacterial wall coating

About 80% of infection diseases starts from surface contact. Our antibacterial wall coating is ideal for use on walls in hospital wards, hygiene and control areas, schools and more. This coating is well perfect to adhere to most substrates including concrete, wood, metal and more.


Easy to clean
Effective against bacteria and infection
Professionally finish
Smooth and attractive
Chemical resistant
Abrasive resistant


Waterproofing at commercial and industrial verticles is handled by considering the corrosion parts.


Excellent adhesion
Easily cleanable
Low cost
Applicable for all kinds

Concrete floor pothole fillings

Our especially filled mortar has excellent bonding with the concrete flexible to a certain extent. There are several steps that must be followed and we do it depending on the size.


Excellent adhesion
High mechanical strength
Easily cleanable
Low maintenance

Expansion Joint Epoxy treatments

We provide our clients with a broad gamut of expansion and construction joint treatment services in industries like electronics, food, power plants, heavy electrical, pharmaceutical, hospitals, automobiles etc. We execute the customised service procedure fast with the help of modern machinery to meet the diverse requirements of the clients.


Dust proofing
Strong abrasion resistant
High quality

Industrial safety markings

It is the service used in industrial and commercial workplaces to mark walkways, parking areas, aisles, safety zones etc. We render this service with our highly trained professionals using first-class grade and fade resistant paint. Our service can be made available at affordable charges resulting in a smooth finish to the wall surface and floors. Safety measures in the industry are complex to navigate to promote safety and other settings.

Acrylic sports flooring

Every sport is unique, and each has its surface requirements. Armor coat is always committed to customized sports floors, both indoor and outdoor. We exclusively construct vinyl, synthetic and wooden surfaces for sports and athletics. We hold par with the international standards and provide the value for money suitable for tennis courts, basketball courts, cycle paths, skating rinks, hiking trails and all other sports categories.
Our surfaces play unique characteristics like shock absorptions, minimal injury chance and optimize performance.


Easy maintenance
UV resistant
Custom colours

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